Malpaca® Pillows

Having been a registered licensed Interior Designer for 25 years, and an owner of my own business for the past 15, I have designed and am now manufacturing 100% all natural pillows, using organic fabric, thread, and even labels. No expense has been spared in quality to create and make this product that is eco friendly, naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, naturally fire and dust mite resistant and, most of all, a product that contains no harmful toxins.

After years of working with furniture and researching the affects of insecticides and fire retardants contained in bedding and other household furniture and fabrics, I created the Malpaca pillow as a safe alternative. It is hard to find a 100% U.S. natural alpaca wool product, and I am now selling this product in four sizes and three optional fills through retailers.

My Organic Enlightenment

In Spring of 2009, while attending a green-building design seminar for architects, designers, and builders, a surprise attendee, a local fireman, stood up unexpectedly during the seminar to address everyone. He definitely caught my attention then, and now has caused me to catch yours.

The fireman passionately told us in no uncertain terms, that "the synthetic and toxic off-gassing products we were selling to our clients for their homes, was basically killing them." He then went on to say that if we really wanted to help with the environment, we should start with the materials we are presently selling, and educate people about natural-organic fabrics, furniture, and any materials for household use. Natural fibers do not off-gas constantly like the synthetic material used in most products, and if ever caught on fire, do not emit toxic fumes that kill people faster than the flames. He then made a reference to what we sleep on for an example, and where we spend 1/3 of our lives.

What I Did About it

Being overwhelmed with this new information and the toxins we encounter daily within our homes, I immediately began researching bedding, and centered on beginning with a non-toxic sleep pillow.

Thoroughly searching for any natural/organic products available, lead me to fibers which included down fill, wool, and cotton. My search then started anew for these natural fibers, as I was now looking for labeled organic products, because it didn't matter how natural they were if they were grown with pesticides and processed with chemicals. That narrowed down the search, and I had difficulty finding any safe bedding that was made in the size and style I thought would work for all ages.

I really liked the idea of keeping the popular "foam-formed" support pillow style I had been sleeping with, but now wanted it non-toxic. My efforts continued, and when I discovered and read about alpaca fiber, then completely tested it, I was immediately hooked.  It literally is the only fiber that has every quality we look for (or should be) when purchasing fabric made items.

For the next several months I developed a pillow design to represent, both the traditional style pillow personality, and the popular firmer contemporary pillow design.